The current UK law states that once a vehicle is older than three years it must be submitted to a MOT (Motor Ordannce Test) on a yearly basis.

At EAS Garage we are committed to providing you with the best MOT service in Poole which is carried out by our highly experienced and competent technicians.

If there are no faults with your vehicle then we can complete the MOT Poole and issue a certificate within one hour. However, if your vehicle does ,for some reason, fail on a major point then we can have this repaired and retested on the same day to cause minimal disruption to your day.

For a better understanding of what is tested on your vehicle please refer to the government website for cars and motorcycles respectively.

Please note that the first re-test will be provided free of charge.

What you can expect from EAS Garage:

  • Modern Test Centre
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff
  • One Free Retest
  • Quick Fitting of Minor Parts

What is the MOT Certificate

The MOT Certificate is a legal requirement for all cars, older than 3 years, to have which represents the vehicle has met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards that are required by law.

A MOT certificate does not validate or guarantee that the vehicle will be roadworthy during the length of time that the certificate is valid.

What’s Tested in a MOT

Here are the items on a car which are tested at our garage in Poole:

Body and Vehicle Structure

The vehicle body and structure must not have an excessive amount of corrosion or damage in specific areas to ensure that injury from a sharp edge does not occur.

Fuel System

The fuel system of a car must not have any leaks and the fuel filler cap must be secure.

Exhaust Emissions

Every vehicle must meet the legal requirements for exhaust emissions, these requirements are obviously dependant on how old the car is and if it runs on petrol or diesel.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system of a vehicle must be secure and not produce a noise above the legal decibel limit.

Seat Belts

All car seat belts are tested for type, condition, operation and their security.


Car doors must close securely in place. Our technicians must be able to open the front doors from inside and outside the car.


The vehicle must have the required minimum number of mirrors, their condition must also be adequate for everyday use.

Load Security

The boot of the vehicle, or tailgate, can be secured in a closed position.


The condition, operation and performance of brakes must be roadworthy and meet legal requirements.

Tyres and Wheels

The condition and tread depth of tyres are the primary characteristics which are tested in a MOT.

Registration Plates

Correctly formed characters and the condition of the registration plates are the two main checks performed on this item.


The working condition and operation of lights on the vehicle are tested to make sure they are working as required.


Our technicians must be able to secure the bonnet in a closed position.

Wipers and Washers

The wipers and washers of the vehicle must be able to create a clear view ahead for the driver.


The condition of the windscreen will be examined and our technicians will also determine whether or not it provides a clear view of the road.


The horn of a vehicle must operate correctly and is a suitable type.

Steering and Suspension

Our technicians will check both the steering and suspension to ensure they are working correctly and are in a satisfactory condition for everyday use.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Check

No more than one VIN must be displayed on the car at any one given time, if the vehicle was registered after 1st August 1980 then the vehicle needs to have a visible VIN.

Why Choose EAS Garage for your MOT

All work carried out by our staff is done to the highest standard and this has allowed us to maintain a large customer base in Poole and surrounding areas such as Parkstone.

Our experienced technicians have experience with all makes and models so you can be sure of getting an efficient and competitively priced MOT Parkstone and Poole.

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