Here at EAS Garage Services, we offer highly experienced and competent technicians to conduct our MOT services, and we strive to provide you with the best quality of work and service that you would expect. We are able to conduct your MOT Bournemouth whilst you wait in our modern test centre as it usually takes just 45 minutes to complete, provided no repairs are required, for most minor repairs we can do these immediately with your authorisation.

We are able to issue a MOT pass certificate within one hour provided no repairs are required on your vehicle.

What we test during your MOT Bournemouth:
•       Body and Vehicle Integrity (Structure)
•       Fuel System
•       Exhaust Emissions
•       Exhaust System
•       Seat Belts
•       Doors
•       Mirrors
•       Load Security
•       Brakes
•       Tyres and Wheels
•       Registration Plates
•       Lights
•       Bonnet
•       Wipers and Washers
•       Windscreen
•       Horn
•       Steering and Suspension
•       VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Check

We allow one free re-test for any minor repairs to your vehicle that would enable us to provide you with an MOT certificate on the same day.

Please ensure that you check your car thoroughly before submitting it for MOT as the most common areas for an MOT fail include; Lights (Including the one on your registration plate), Tyres, Wiper Blades, Handbrake.

Make a Booking

If you’d like to book your car in for an MOT  Bournemouth with EAS garage services then please make sure that you get in touch with us via the booking form below.

Alternatively you can contact one of our experienced technicians on 01202 736656, or via email at

All enquiries will be followed up by a member of our team in order to arrange your vehicle to come in for an MOT appointment at a time and date suitable to you.

Our service centre is located on the Chalwyn Industrial Estate in Parkstone.